What Is Taekwondo Taekwondo Malaysia (World Taekwondo Federation)


Formation Of Taekwondo Malaysia (TM)


Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) was formed as a national body to look after the affairs of Taekwondo WTF and to unite the three factions.  








Formation: IMG-20141216-WA0029

To unite the 3 national bodies. 

Continuum of TM Progress:

WTF Recognition on 8/2/2010

Sports Commissioner Registered on 18/2/2010

MTF & MTCA dissolved in April 2010

TM’s Motto

TM’s motto is to be “All Inclusive and Not Exclusive”, this call by the president has been echoed by all the members. It has augured well for TM’s success, as members get together to build and share their ideas for the growth of this infant association. The dissatisfaction of the past continues to serve as a grim reminder as new policies are forged for the future growth of Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF), in establishing and promoting taekwondo excellence among the members of this very popular combat sport in Malaysia.